Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 3

The weeks are flying by as they usually do this time of year. We had a good Thanksgiving up in North Jersey at my brother-in-laws and we got to spend some great time with my dear friends and family. It is always good to change the scenery up too. I got to do a great trail run in Washington State Park. This is a rocky run with some pretty areas along a lake. Of course I got a little lost which I really did not mind as I had plenty of dessert to work off after a day of non stop eating. Later we got to go to Martinsville Reservation for an easy muddy mountain bike.

This week has been spent trying to build on my last two weeks. I have been getting some great swims with no shoulder pain. Thank goodness for Scott D from Team TBB who is on the same crazy path as me and who is willing to work hard day in day out to fulfill his dream of being the best triathlete he can be. We really push each other in the I wish I could run with him!!! The weather has been cooperating for some enjoyable bike riding. I'm starting to feel a little stronger on the bike. You know it's hard work..but it always feels great when it's over.
This week we saw temps of up to 65 degree's. Amazing! I got a fantastic run with my speedy friend Tommy Z. So all is going well!
I am looking forward to an amazing 2010. Now I just need to plan a race schedule!!!

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