Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tupper Lake Tinman Half Ironman

After missing Eagleman due to being sick I had asked Paulo if I could race another race. But due to the timing of Lake Placid and the build I have been doing I could not afford taking the time to taper for a race. For the longest time I have heard of this Tupperlake race up near Lake Placid. It was perfect..I was going up to go train and I would incorporate it into my training. Always sounds like a great idea until the reality hits a day or two before that you are exhausted and you know you have to race with that tired feeling. But I am ALWAYS up for a challenge and as this was a no pressure race... I felt none.
I had decided to race this race for Autism Awareness and my main goal was to try bring some attention to the cause by hopefully winning the race...but I felt no pressure on me at all.
Race morning I drove from Lake Placid to Tupperlake(40 mile drive) It was a wave start and Marie Danais and I warmed up together. She was the only one I knew doing the race and I looked forward to her and I pushing each other. We were both doing this race as a good warm up for Ironman Lake Placid in 4 weeks. It was drizzling at the start of the swim and it would continue all through the bike. The swim seemed long to me and I zig zagged through the slower age groups. I definitely thought to myself I need some more work in the pool. That will be a big focus for me in the next few weeks.
Onto the bike and I was surprised as my legs felt pretty good. I pushed the downhills hard and rode the hills comfortably hard. It was raining lightly and I was quite chilly but not nearly as cold as Ironman last year. The miles went quick and by mile 10 I had taken the lead which I would keep for the rest of the race. Off the bike and onto the run my legs transitioned quick and I felt great. I ran conservatively the first six miles as their are alot of hills. I then enjoyed the off road running sections and descended each mile back to the finish. My spirits were high and I was really enjoying being able to race and put out a good effort after the big training miles I was putting in. My race result was 1st women and 15th overall in a time of 4hr37min. I swam 29 min biked 2.34 and ran a 1.32.

After the race I got a few newspaper interviews where I was happy to talk about the JT Foundation and Autism Awareness. It felt great to race for such an important cause.
I then headed back to Lake Placid to try recover as Paulo had warned me I had another 112 mile ride in 2 days.

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