Friday, July 24, 2009

2 days to race day!

Its Friday afternoon and I have had a good day. I did a short run this morning and felt really good. After I met up with friend Tom to talk about a potential new sponsor...sounds exciting! I then attended the pro meeting. That always gets the nerves going for me as I know this is the start of the prerace routine. I then got to go meet Liz Perez for a little ART. She is the BEST and I am so grateful to have confidence in knowing she will get any kinks out. My body was feeling pretty relaxed after an awesome 90 minute massage from William Muhlstadt(The Center 4 Muscle Recovery)...who really understands the biomechanics of the body so well.
After a chat with Coach Paulo,who always calms my nerves down, I am now kicking back and spending some quiet time thinking about my race plan. I know how I would like the day to go and I am prepared to handle whatever gets thrown my way. There are alot of good women racing with excellent race results. Last years champion Caitlin Snow is here to defend her title and second and third place finishers Kim Loeffler and Hillary Biscay have their eye set on first place. Samantha McGlone who placed second in Hawaii in 2008 will be ready to race hard along with my friend Tara Norton and old Timex teammate Tamara Kozulina. These are a few of the favorites but all the girls are very talented and it shall be a challenging day that I am really looking forward too!
I feel confident with how my biking and running has gone the last six weeks and I shall draw on that race day. My swim shall be what it shall be...I hope to find a few girls to swim with and I shall look forward to exiting the water and getting on my bike. Sunday they are calling for thunder showers in the morning...we were warned at the pro meeting that there is a slight possibility of a delayed start! They have called for rain all week and we have had very little but now the rain is coming down pretty steady. This is a good thing...lets get it all over with now!

I love this race as this is like a hometown race for me. We have a large NJ group that comes up to race and spectate and I always look forward to feeding off their energy. It's nice to have friendly faces to cheer for you and push you. I shall be looking out for you guys and I wish everyone from NJ who is racing Sunday best of luck. My two biking partners Steve and Ran, Doug Rice,Tom Manzi,Rich,Keith,Jason G,Mike V,Elizabeth W. I know I probably forgot a few..but good luck!
Tomorrow shall be busy with last minute swimming,biking and running...and getting all gear checked in. My family comes in tomorrow so I shall spend some time with them before heading to an early dinner and bed.


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It was great seeing you and your family. Great job yesterday, hope all is well

Andrew said...

Thanks Jacqui! Yeah, I think my day was a bit easier than yours, especially considering I was having a coffee with Paulo at 11:30 while you were out on your bicycle.

Nice job in Placid and I'm looking forward to hearing about it!