Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waiting Game!

Today I awoke to the gentle sound of rain AGAIN! My alarm is set for 5.20 every morning and the first thing I always do is peek out the window hoping for blue sky. Today,like everyday was grey and overcast. I rolled out of bed adamant after my nightmarish ride yesterday where I had to be picked up after a double flat and shredding my tire, that I would get my ride in today rain or shine. I texted my friend Laura who is always up for a ride....she too was wavering. I got dressed keeping up the will do it attitude....then I got the text that it was coming down hard. That's all I needed to hear...back to bed...couldn't quite fall back asleep so I got up and wandered what my back up plan would be for a 5 hour ride. What kind of trainer workout was I going to get.
My son and I headed out to pick up my husband a paper,coffee,donuts,crumb cake and bagels for breakfast! Happy Fathers Day Hank! Not a bad morning to spend at home.By 10 am it was still pouring and I was contemplating the 3 hour ride on the trainer that Paulo had sent me followed by a 1.30 ride outdoors. I decided I would wait until 11.30am. Finally the rain seemed to be tapering off and I headed out to meet Laura. She was only up for 2 hours as it was so late already...which meant 3 hours solo. I was happy to have the company. We headed up the coast into a bit of a headwind that continued to grow. One hour 15 minutes of headwind that was pumping in the hook and we were both very happy to make the turn. With the wind at our back we now had to push to keep the watts high which meant some fast riding. I then headed out west to get a Na Mocha loop in. I was thrilled when the sun came out and that kept a smile on my face for a while. By four hours my legs were starting to feel the hard first windy hour. It was time to pick it up so I looked for any hill I could find to help keep the watts higher and to resemble the effort I will put out in Ironman on the last climb back into town in Lake Placid. Unfortunately our mountains are like speed bumps.
The closer I got to the coast I could see a storm moving in and that was incentive enough to keep pushing. I did not feel like getting dumped on again so I began to race the storm back to my car. I literally got off my bike in time for the skies to open and the rain to come pelting down. I had a run to do off the bike but I didn't want to head into that cold rain so I sat in the back of my car waiting for it to calm down. Everytime I opened my car door it would pour so hard. I eventually headed out for a slow run on stiff legs. I always enjoy the transtion run as it allows your body time to stretch and loosen up after being on the bike for along time. The cool rain kept me a little stiff though but it felt good to get a short run in before heading home.
Starving I stopped at my new favorite place. Ever since I was in Arizona I have been dreaming of Paulo's favorite place Chipolte. Well yesterday I stopped into Beek a Boos Burrito's...minutes from my house and was just like being back in Arizona. I warned them that they would be seeing me alot.. Good stuff...just what I needed...instant quick food...rice beans,chicken,salsa,guacamole....perfect! All in all a good training day!


Al said...

Yeah this east coast late spring has been horrible...where's our sunshine?!?! Nice job battling the elements in June. ;)

Tracy said...

You are amazing. I would have avoided that rain for sure. Your determination and dedication are sure to pay off in your next race.