Sunday, November 25, 2007

Am I ready to start training again?

Well I was asked the big question tonight. Am i ready to start training?
It kind of caught me off guard as I had just got in from Florida where I had spent all weekend in one long party. It was a eatathon, with continuous plans made around what brunch,lunch or dinner party we where going to. I did however manage to get one 7 mile run in along Bayshore in Tampa. I have run this route many times. It is a beautiful 10 mile run along the water where there are always people working out. It was an incredible 70 degree morning, blue sky and I was thrilled and just loving life. Running comes so easily to me. It is what makes me feel good and been able to pick the pace up when I saw some cute guys running towards me or slow it down and run on the grass if I felt like it, was just the way I wanted to run. I probably said hello,good morning,have a great day to 30 people and I know I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I came back to my sleeping family in the best mood and ready to take on the day.
I have quite enjoyed my time off. It is so much less pressure when your days are not all about how you are going to fit all your workouts in and keep some balance in your life. The last few weeks have been all about family and friends and enjoying every moment!
So I come back to the question. Am I ready to start training again?
No...not yet!
Maybe next week!

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