Friday, March 22, 2013

QT2 Pro camp

Before I post a race report for 2013 I find it shocking that I am yet to post much from my offseason. The last 6 weeks have been nothing but PANIC in preparation for this early season Ironman.

 The realization of an impending Ironman was enough to create a bit of fear so I would get down to business and focus on every single workout and my nutrition.
With winter weight lingering and motivation low due to crappy weather I had to step things up a notch!

First I had to go back to the Core Diet. The goal to lose 6 pounds in 6 weeks. 
I do not diet but the core diet is just going back to basics by eating lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein.

I find it awfully hard in the winter to resist the snack cupboard. It seems to be the first and last thing I open and close every time I enter and exit the kitchen. I don't believe in denying my kids of sugary nummy snacks but it makes me have to be super disciplined!

With weeks going by in the 20's I settled for the warmth and convenience of my bike on the trainer. Never a flat tire to worry about and a constant stream of tv or music.I did get a few cold snowy run days!

Long run , many layers , lots of cold wind!

Just another day on the trainer!

 Before I knew it a month had gone by and it was time for our first ever QT2 pro camp in Claremont Florida. I was a little nervous as I had not done any speed work of any kind and my training had been a bit slow in Dec/ Jan.

Camp started Feb 15th and it was just what I needed. A blur of insanely hard but fun challenging sessions. Coach Jesse made sure to touch on every aspect of what goes into being and racing on a professional level.

Track day at the end of a long day! Mile repeats!
My awesome room mates  Kim and Stephanie 

Loved this sandy loop across from our Vacation Village accomodations. Miles and miles of dirt! 

With days such as grit, endurance, chaos over confusion and intensity days! We were tested both physically and mentally!
One of my favorite pools at the NTC 

Thankfully we got some good recovery in there to absorb the huge workload.

I survived a 40 hour training week filled with intensity and daily long swims. I biked a ridiculous 350 miles in 4 days including finishing with a 6.30 hour hard bike in the rain. Following this was an epic night run where coach Jesse sent us a text preparing us to bring fuel for a 4.5 hour run. Only to learn in a quick minute that we would be running 20x1 mile descending repeats with a partner. If you failed to descend you would have a 15 minute penalty.  My run due to my partner being injured would end up be 8x1mile repeats and then 8 descending miles. Doesn't sound too bad...try doing it an 10.30 at night after 10 brutal days at camp!

I survived camp and was equally impressed by my team mates who got the work done day after day with both enthusiasm and a sense of humor all the while keeping up the intensity.

When a perfectly executed camp was over, I was sufficiently tired and ready for a taper into IM Cabos.
Big thanks goes to Coach Jesse who ran the camp with such organization and such passion for his athletes. I am always impressed by his ability to connect to each and everyone of his athletes and his attention to detail in training and racing!

Well sadly I returned from camp with the intentions of riding outdoors but a snow/rain/snow/cold weather once again got in the way of that.
So with great anticipation of some beautiful weather I head out to Mexico in a few days!

I got to spend a few days in Disney with the fam before camp!

So until my post race report I wish you all an amazing 2013 season filled with health, friendships, good races and balance!!!

Here is a cool video that team mate Pedro Gomes ( made from camp!  Enjoy!

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Bre said...

Totally relate to the winter training- it's been a very long, cold and snowy winter. Training camp looks amazing definitely wish you could have stuck me in a suitcase and snuck me down to Florida sunshine with you. Know you've already raced and had your week of mexican sunshine- I'm hoping you bring back the Florida and Mexico weather with you!! :-)