Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rev 3 Florida Blows into Venice Beach

My last race leading up to IM Cozumel!

My few weeks leading up to Ironman were hectic to say the least.

I had finished up a series of 3 half Iron distance races in 4 weeks. The last one of the three being Rev 3 Florida! As this was right around the time that Hurricane Sandy hit I came back to devastation back home and I never actually got to write my race report.
As this race was the last of the Rev 3 series and really quite a gem I simply need to share my experience there before I can move onto IM COZ!

I arrived in Venice Beach FL on the Friday of race week. Sadly my bike did not arrive with me. This was the start of an unforseen 3 weeks of trying times and stress!

 Without a bike I continued to go ahead and proceed with race preparations.   I drove though the charming town seaside town to swim but the ocean at the beach was really kicking up some waves as hurricane Sandy was approaching and I knew the possibility of a cancelled swim race day was high. Instead I found a nice YMCA right by the highway a few minutes from where I was staying. It was wonderful to get an outdoor swim  after the cooler temps back home! 

Thankfully after many calls to United I found my bike in Las Vegas Sat morning and I urged them to get it on a plane as fast as possible. It arrived just before bedtime the night before the race!

Race morning they made the very smart call to cancel the pro swim as the currents were way to strong. I was relieved as I was not looking forward to the mosh pit of angry waves but with the new run/bike/run course I knew it was going to change the race a bit. 

The girls went out very fast. 5.15/5.30 pace and I was working hard. Thankfully it was only 1.5 miles and soon enough we were rushing into T1. I was 15 sec off the back of a main group of girls. I pushed hard on the bike. It was going to be a very windy 56 mile loop.

I managed to quickly catch and pass a few of the girls. With a strong tailwind and a pancake flat course we were flying and averaging 26/27 miles an hour. Somehow about 25 miles in we all ended up in a group  but the stagger rule kept things fair. Unfortunately the road was not closed to traffic and on a turn I followed a car not realizing that it was a U turn not a left turn.  I went left and followed the car and everyone behind made the turn. I had gone into a one lane one way road and had to follow it until I could turn around. But that point I had lost the pack of girls and about 1 minute.  So I headed back into the wind pushing really hard trying to catch back up. 
I finished the bike off in 11th close to the girls but I had put down my biggest power of the year and paid for it on the run. My run had been improving every race and I was hoping to run strong off the bike. But the heat and wind and fatigue made me feel like I had lead in my legs. So I just  put my head down and got the race done! I got a 40 min post race run in which was a good quality effort in my build for IM COZ.

Highlight of the race were the Rev 3 crew. As it was just pre Halloween they were all in costume cheering loudly and really cracked me up on the course.  Their is no greater race series for feel good fun than with this group.  I am always proud to be representing them!!

After the race, the reality hit that I would not be getting home for a few more days as all flights were being cancelled. This was really tough as the eye of Hurricane Sandy was going to  be hitting the Jersey Shore and I would  not be there with my family. Our house is surrounded by water and they called for a mandatory evacuation. All I could do was watch from afar and wait for the storm to pass to see what kind of devastation was left behind. I stayed glued to the tv really quite sick to my stomach.

Our boardwalks all broken up!

When I finally got home it was like a war zone. The Jersey Shore was destroyed. Our home was spared but many friends and neighbors lost there homes. I just could not validate training when so many people needed help. So Coach Jesse gave me some time off to help friends and even when I went back to training I felt guilt and a lack of energy. With no power the pools were closed, roads blocked, trees down, power lines all over the roads.  Biking and running was not easy.
 In the mean time my daughter had got pneumonia, my husband was sick, the schools were closed... people were getting sick from all the dampness around and I was feeling really run down.
The remainder of my rides would be on the trainer going into Coz.
I contemplated just not even racing Ironman and calling it a season. The desire was not there.

I was overwhelmed by the support from all        over the world who were concerned for myself and my family during this time. Thank you!!
Sydney looking at the dock now missing!


Bre said...

so glad that you and the family were okay during Sandy--definitely had you all in my thoughts during that time. I can't even begin to understand what the devastation from that is like, so very sad. Glad that Rev3 was a good time---wish I could have squeezed in another Rev3 race this year myself!

Jacqui said...

Maybe next year!!!
Thank you Bre!