Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have had alot of people asking me how I am going to handle doing 2 Ironman in 3 weeks. I am not the first too do this by any means and as far as I am concerned I would rather talk about it once its done.

There is the fear of the unknown...although I have done a similar perhaps more brutal few weeks before. That was IMLP/Timberman 70.3/IM Louisville within 5 weeks of each other I believe. I survived...the 70.3 was tough and the run portion of the IM REALLY hurt but then again it hurt for everybody. When you faced with a 90 degree day like we might very well be in NYC we will all be out there suffering. Some more than others. I could only wish for such a day as I LOVE the heat and feel I race well in it!

Next Sat I will race Ironman NYC with little fear and mostly excitement for the chance to be out there with hundreds of friends in the worlds greatest city doing what I love! It will  be a challenge for sure and I expect to have some tough moments, but I like Lake Placid will be looking to have another well executed fun race!
I was hoping to spend alot of time training on the course as it's only an hour from my race but sadly I have only gone into the city once to ride 9w and have not even seen or run the course. I know it is a tough course...which will make the finish even better!
I went in this weekend to familiarize myself with the course and the logistics of it. The course is hard and today showed 100 degree's in transition. But the moment you went up into the Pallisades Park the shady trees block out some of the sun and it dropped 10 degree's. This will be a challenging 14 miles as there are some steep climbs!

 This is the first hill coming out of transition. Its a real beast...probably 400m but will probably be lined with spectators so will be fun!

I cannot wait to run over the GW Bridge!!! By that point of the race we will be almost done.....8 miles or so to go!

I am really looking forward to the race. This one will be hard...but then again aren't they all!

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