Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Latin American Pro 70.3 Championships...and so the season starts!

I am on my way back from an amazing trip to Panama filled with excitement and disappointment, new experiences and so much to share.

I feel very fortunate to have been involved in participating in this inaugural race in Panama City. The Panamanian's were warm welcoming people who were so thrilled to have us there racing their event.

The few days leading up to the race were hectic at times as we were based in the city and the race would be staged about 20-45 minutes outside of Panama depending on traffic.

Ready to go!

Race morning was stunning! The perfect day! Just wish I could say that about the rest of my day!

The morning of the race however was a breeze. We were shuttled down at 4.15 am to transition. It was an interesting race set up. For the pro field our bikes would be racked 1 mile away from the swim start. With our run shoes on the opposite end of transition that stretched almost half a mile long. So the morning involved a bike set up…and then a 500 meter walk to where our run gear would be placed. Then another 800m walk to the swim start.

Waiting for the swim start I was really relaxed and it reflects in all the photos taken of me...I was all smiles!

As Lance Armstrong was racing there was ALOT of international press around. The Panamanian spectators were also very excited to be involved and the morning included many photos while I was waiting for the gates to the swim start to be opened. We lined up on the dock where we all anxiously awaited the start. As I took my 15 minute prior to race caffeinated gel we were told that the race would not start for at least another 30 minutes....but I shook it off and just rolled with it. The energy was good and I took a few minutes to really appreciate where we were. The biggest cargo ship was passing by and in the back ground a the Bridge of America's was being shut down for us...not an easy task I am sure!

Checking out the mens start! I am number 51...the one with a smile!

The swim start was an in the water start with a nice current. It was fast and with 25 plus pro involved it had it's fair share of being chaotic. I got hit over the head and my goggles were knocked off to the side. It always amazes me how with all the open water we still all end up swimming on top of each other. With a quick correction of my goggles I already had lost the feet in front of me. This would end up being the first group consisting of Dede,Bree Wee,Leanda and about 6 others. I settled in and eventually pulled the second group of myself Natasha, Angela Naeth, Yvonne Van Klerken and a few others to shore. I felt really strong on the swim and could see I was making up time in the end to the girls that had fallen off the front pack. I was REALLY happy to see a 22 min swim as I exited the water. My fastest 70.3 swim for sure and only 2 minutes down on the lead pack of women. I think its a much more fair race when the men and women get to start seperately.

Natasha on my heels!

Once on land we had what felt like a hundred steep steps to run up and then a 400m sprint to T1. We were allowed to mount our bikes and ride through transition . I was very thankful about that as it would have been at least another 500 m of running with your bike! Once on the bike I knew I wanted to try stay with some of the girls that had come through transition with me except all of them were uber bikers. Natasha, Angela and Yvonne all awesome! I stayed with them through the first 5 miles and was pleasantly surprised that my watts were not too much over where I needed to be. But Angela and Natasha once in the hilly section started really pushing and pulling away. I stayed back closer to Yvonne. My legs felt very good and I was right on target to where Coach Jesse from Qt2 Systems wanted me to be. On the out and back loop which is a 7 mile section I could see that all the other girls were very close ahead and I was in 12th place but making ground.

Still happy to be racing..again smiling and relaxed over the bridge!

All of a sudden I heard a huge release of air from my front tire. I could not believe it …I have only ever had one flat racing in 12 years. There was a lot of glass and other debris on the course.
I rode for a bit on a deflating tire as I guess I could not believe that I had got a flat. Within a minute my tire was completely flat. So I went about changing it.
My Co2 did not entering correctly and I was not happy with the air I had in my tire.

So many athletes had passed me and I actually had a few friends that told me after that they biked the whole out and back loop (about 7 miles) while I was changing my tire. So I figured a good 15 minute loss of time…I will know better when I download my data.

Another one of the pro's Tenillle Hoogland had also got a flat and I asked her if she was going to continue or ride back. She said she was going to finish the bike but was having some gear problems too and ended up having to DNF. I continued on, very disappointed as it is so hard when you are so excited to race and see how fit you are and then it does not go as planned. About 5 miles up the road I had to stop again at an aid station to try find a pump.

Once back on the road again...some of the age group women had passed so I pushed quickly to catch up to them. Next thing a bee flew into my race suit and stung me a few if i wasn't having a tough enough time! I had to catch it and pull it this point I had lost my smile!

I really wanted to see the whole course so I pushed on wavering between race pace efforts and sitting up out of my bars as the other pros rode by me. Ken Glah from Endurance Travel had passed me and encouraged me to make it a solid training day and finish it up and try get a few points. The bike course was a lot more challenging than I expected. It was hot, hilly, windy and humid. With a disc cover on the back and an 808 wheel on the front I was blowing all over the place and had to ride several of the fast descents out of my aero bars for fear of being blown over by the gusty cross wind.
The last 5 miles was a nice out and back highway section towards the city and I was very surprised that I had gained time on some of the pro girls and I wasn't too far back. I had actually passed one or two in the closing miles.

Heading into transition.

Well before I knew it I was riding into transition and headed out onto the run. I was all smiles as I just felt happy to be out there doing what i love!. The crowd was cheering loudly and once on the run course I decided to try push the run as I was feeling good and I knew coach Jesse would want to see how fast I could go. My legs felt great and the first miles we had a nice tailwind that was pushing me. I was seeing some fast splits and was pleasantly surprised. We would be running two 3 mile out and back loops along the Armador Causeway which is a narrow 2 lane road that stretches out into the Pacific Ocean and the wind blows like crazy there. It was very hot but the heat felt good. The volunteers were amazing and the crowd support lined most of the run. The first loop went very quickly. Once again I could see that there were a few girls that were ahead of me who seemed to be battling in the heat and although I was running strong I would never be able to catch any of them. So I just enjoyed the race atmosphere and seeing the friends I had made out there and I cheered the other girls on. I know that if I was in the race I could have run faster but I was happy to see my 1.26 PR run split after the race.

I finished the race and did not wait long before I headed out to finish my day with a 35 minute easy run.

I enjoyed going out a second time as I got to cheer for others as they raced.

So I strongly believe I could have had a very strong race in Panama given my current fitness and the way my body felt. But I will just have to wait for my next race to see how I do.

A big thanks goes out to Guy at Tri Store Panama and to all his guys. Also to the Panama Triathlon Federation that went out of their way to take good care of the pro athletes. And as always to my sponsors Rev 3, QT2 Systems, Kestrel Bikes, Recovery Pump and to my new sponsors for 2012 Louis Garneau,Torhans, Powerbar, Pearl Izumi, and and Blue Seventy!

My next blog will be about the second half of my trip to Panama which involved a trip to the Rainforests with More than Sport and Homes of Hope to build a house for the Embera Indians.


Bre said...

you inspire me.
22min 70.3 swim!?! HECK YEAH!
1:26 run! congrats on the second PR of the day--that's awesome!
flats suck. but maybe this one will cover your flat quota for the 12 years of racing??
You are going to be unstoppable this year!

Jacqui said...

I hope you are right about the flat! I have not even had a flat in training all winter so I was totally caught off guard!!!
Saw that you are headed to the Carolina's then later to Kona camp...So psyched for you!!!! Exciting things to look forward to in 2012!

Kiersten said...

Sorry about your flat. After a rough few months last season, it sounds like you are making good progress!