Friday, January 13, 2012

Winning the mental game!!!

Great training day today. 5.30 hours on the bike. 35 minute run and a short swim.

I decided todays long ride would be on the indoor trainer as it had been raining when I woke up and the street was wet and I could hear the winds were howling ! Temps were going to drop every hour making it feel like 30 and below.

The day started like this...

7 bottles of!

My ride went perfectly! I started out nice and comfortable. The beginning pace, hr/watts allowed me to watch a movie.. But after 1.30 hours I turned the TV off and started digging in a little deeper. One by one I ticked off the hours going through my assortment of bottles/bars and gels. My last hour and a half was my strongest and my fitness is really coming along well!!!

A quick stretch... almost became a nap.

I then bundled up for a run outdoors. By this stage it had got freezing and the wind was now blowing 30mph.
As I started running I was very aware of the cold and wind. But I was surprised to catch myself unconsciously thinking about how good I felt because the cold had numbed my sore legs and I was feeling no pain. I also was thinking how good it felt to turn out of the wind. I became aware of my positive attitude which really pumped me up. I started thinking about what a great training day this was and before I knew it I looked down at my watch and I was running 6.50's. Woohoo. One of the highlights was running past the high school and seeing the kids practicing high jump. Brought me back to high school and great memories on the track! The glory days!

I finished up the run strong and went straight to the fire place to warm up.

Days like these are the best! This week my long ride was not effortless like last week ...It was hard, and I dug deep. There is no hiding on the's you and your effort. My mantra..right here..right now!!! I definitely at times went into auto pilot...the perfect place where you just thinking...just getting the work done!

Hope you all have a good training weekend!


donna furse said...

when you ride your trainer indoors do you always ride in the aero position?

Kelly said...

Nice work! I love your mantra...keep at it!

Jacqui said...

Hi Donna Not at all on my easy rides...I try stay in there as much as possible on my harder days but come up and stretch often.
Thanks Kelly!

Anonymous said...
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