Monday, April 18, 2011

QT2 Systems Clermont Camp

Just flying home after a four day camp in Clermont Fl with QT2 Systems. I met a great group of athletes of all levels all working towards the same goals…getting faster!!

Molly Zahr,Mary Eggers, Michelle Solomon and myself!

Camp consisted of long swims at the National Training Center….including a killer 6000m LCM swim of descending 400's and never ending 50's. I too got to experience the dreaded vertical kicks where I was convinced that everyone had fins on as I was almost drowning.
The NTC pool is one of my favorite pools in the world!!!

I got some amazing rides in utilizing the many great bike paths Clermont has to offer, lake views and some long quiet farm roads.

Our long 6 hour ride was the most eventful ride I think I have ever had. I felt like I was on a safari with sightings of many giant snakes,some over 3 feet long. Giant size turtles,a meerkat, squirrels and alligators…one that I got so close to that Coach Jesse was afraid it might come and bite me as I took a photo.

Lastly I got 40 miles of running in four days….those were challenging runs that included hills, big winds, and a few sessions finishing off on the NTC track! I even had the pleasure of having my coach run 1.30 with me all the while reminding to eat, critiquing my form, and really giving me some good motivation!

QT2 Systems not only organized so many great training days, they fed us breakfast,lunch and dinner. We had video run analysis and many informative talks. This included Coach Jesse's Core Diet program.
I am so excited and happy to be a part of this group!
This was a first class camp and not only was it fun but it was a great training week!
I really look forward to their next camp in Vermont later in the year. Hope I can make it!

For all the new friends I made I wish you all a great season! Michele Solomon, my roommate and one of the key organizers of the camp and she was so mello and such a pleasure and put up with me tossing and turning at night with a never ending cold.

I loved having Caitlin and Tim Snow, Pat Wheeler and Jesse to push and inspire me. Brian from Fast Splits, gave us never-ending bike support to the group and made sure we all did not dehydrate out there on those long rides. Big thanks also to Courtney Wheeler for her amazing massage work!
Thanks Guys!


Bre said...

oh I can't wait to watch you race this season- you sound so incredibly happy and energized for the season. It sounds like it was a stellar training camp!
Vertical kick = form of ancient torture still used today by swim coaches to re-create near drowning experiences for swimmers. Just be thankful you didn't have to wear a weight belt or hold medicine balls over your head! ;)
Hope that all the IMTX training is going well

That Runner Chick said...

It was so great to meet you! I agree-it was a great, fun weekend. Looking forward to Vermont, too!!

Jacqui said... the description of the Vertical kick!!! Medicine balls/weight belts...shhh don't give my coach any ideas!