Monday, October 25, 2010

Ironman Florida Taper time!

It does not feel like too long ago that I was tapering for Rev 3 Full....and now six weeks later I am tapering again.
I am loving my decision to race another Ironman.
IM Coeur d 'Alene was disappointing as a back issue lead me to DNF at mile 16.
So Rev 3 Full was a well needed back on track race for me.
Now I am definitely looking for the race where it all comes together, where all the hard work I have done this year pays off!
To have the perfect race you need to be healthy, have got good uninterrupted training in and your head has to be in the right place.
This year I have raced quite alot and have loved being on the start line. When you are forced to take time off sometimes you come back with more passion and desire than ever.
I knew this year was going to be tough but my intentions were to race myself into shape. I enjoy the energy and excitement of racing and this year sure has had alot of that. Racing on the Trakkers team and doing the Rev 3 series was truly a nice addition to my racing calender.

These six weeks have gone very well and I am happy to say I feel more ready for this race than any other this year.
So with great anticipation I shall wait patiently for race day. I look forward to whatever the day brings me. I shall have fun,work hard, and enjoy each moment...and at the end of the day I will come out knowing I gave it everything I had.


Bre said...

whoo hoo 2 months & 2 Ironmans!! here's to the buoys staying attached, no battle wounds during the swim, no brutal wind on the bike, and rocking the run! I'll send down some Canadian cheers for ya!
Enjoy the taper (as much as an athlete can ;)) and don't forget to dance at the finishline!

Jacqui said...

That's classic! Thanks Bre! Florida is usually uneventful...but then again it is Ironman! Something is bound to happen...I guess I will find out in ten days!!! Hope training isn't too chilly for you up there yet!!!

Mark said...

Nice! Have fun at IMFL. I have quite a few friends who will be racing there, so I will be watching online and rooting for you as well.

Go fast!

Bre said...

Ironman & uneventful in the same sentence? I want your secrets before I test out that distance than! And it's pretty much like Florida up know all 48 degrees of it ;)

Jacqui said...

Thanks Mark! Tell your friends to say hi if they pass me on the run...It's a 2 loop you get to see everyone!