Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reflecting on Timberman 70.3

I have been slack about updating as life has been crazy. So before I update on Rev3 Iron distance race I wanted to fill in the time between my last post which was August 8th. (One month ten days ago. )

With a calf strain very much present I managed the week after I last posted to start building up my run mileage. My longest run going into Timberman 70.3 August 22nd was a 6 miler. Of course this for me was not a confidence booster knowing the stellar field of girls that always show up for this race. I knew despite the low miles that my fitness was good as I was preparing for Rev 3 Iron distance race and had been getting some good biking and running in.

In good spirits I headed out with Sydney to New Hampshire, picking up my parents at JFK, who were traveling from South Africa to visit with me for 6 weeks. What better than a trip to New Hampshire, some sight seeing, and a race on top of it.

My families presence kept things nice and relaxed and fun and I felt no pressure.
Race day came....and I raced with what I had that day. On the swim and bike I pushed hard but felt the big weeks of Ironman training in my legs. On the run I surprised myself with how good I felt and ran hard for a 1.31 split on some good hills. So I came away with a little boost of confidence that despite my low miles of running I still could run the distance.

With Rev 3 3 weeks away this was an important race for me.

We then all jumped in the car and headed back via Boston then New Haven for a little more sight seeing.

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