Monday, June 7, 2010

Training Nutrition

I believe your body tells you what you need in order to keep it strong. Now sometimes you are too busy to listen to your body and you keep going on all cylinders...eating without any thought of what you are putting in to your body. I have been known to do this. Either I eat to little or I snack to much on kids junk food. If you let this go on for too long you can really weaken your immune system.
But today Coach Paulo gave me an easier day with just a swim after racing a hard Quassy Half Ironman yesterday.( Race Report to come soon!) This gave me time to head to one of my favorite little health food stores, Deans in Neptune.

Well this is what my body was craving...

I like to juice but haven't in a I decided it was time to pull out the juicer for the summer! A great drink for your immune system is apples,lemons,radish,ginger and carrots or if you feel run down and a cold coming on a mixture of oranges,lemon, garlic and ginger or even better if you can handle it a shot of flax oil,garlic,ginger,and cayenne pepper....potent but worth every drop!

I must have been craving coconut as I got coconut water,,,which is very good for you and filled with electrolytes. I also got coconut milk, a good source of fat.I love to make a Thai chicken curry with it over rice. On the good fat note I also found some divine curried cashews, guacomole, hummus, almond butter and salmon salad...and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies of to just not eat it all in one go!

Coconut,cranberry, mixed greens, and a mixed fruit juice...all great antioxidants!

Oh I should not forget all the great gluten free foods I got like rice cakes, potato's,sweet potato's,brown rice,oats and some great gluten free bars and fruit/nut bread!

My weekly diet would not be complete without my First Endurance products that have got me through 3 half Ironman and no GI issues. My training EFS drink fulled with Electrolytes. Ultragen, my recovery staple, and my Optygen HP and my MultiV to ensure I am getting the neccessary vitamins in!

Yay to healthy food....although Sydney wasn't sure whether to give the veggies a thumbs up or down. When I told her we could juice again she decided to "Rock on!"
So make each mouthful count....and enjoy your food!


MarkyV said...


Dark Chocolate?

ElwoodK_Rank佳玲 said...

真正的朋友不會把友誼掛在嘴巴上 ............................................................

Jacqui said...

Ironman in less than 3 weeks dark chocolate until then.... :-) Should not have bought the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies's Wednesday and they are gone!

Jamie said...

It was great meeting you this weekend Jacqui.

Looking forward to reading the full race report!