Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots to blog about!!!!!

Trakkers Camp 2010 Austin Texas

My time in Austin ended today as I have resettled in New Orleans...but I have many thoughts I want to share on the week there.

Firstly, the launch of Trakkers was very successful and I am so excited to be part of this dynamic team. It was so good to spend time with this great group and really get to know each other better.
Camp was a whirlwind of photo shoots, product education, bike fits, meet and greets and lots of fun and good laughs.
Jack and Adams Bike Shop based in Austin was our home base for camp and they graciously helped us every step of the way from putting my new bike together, to fitting me twice including dialing me in for New Orleans with the Retul 3-dimensional motion capture technology. Zane from J&A's has given me a setup that I shall work towards, after New Orleans that will make me super aero and much more efficient. The Retul fit was quite fascinating and definitely worth while!

I am excited to have Kestrel as my bike sponsor this year.I am riding the Kestrel Airfoil and I think it's a beautiful bike. With only a handful of rides on it, none longer than 2 hours I shall be interested and really look forward to seeing how it feels over the 56 mile distance on Sunday in New Orleans.

Krista Baker from Trakkers was there at the launch with a handful of Trakkers GPS devices (other known by me as her little chicks!) She gave us some good insight on how they are going to work while racing and eventually in training. Loved ones will be able to get live gps on race day to know exactly where you are and how you are racing. The group bike ride we did was a test run for them and it went off without a glitch. Later it was so cool as you could see exactly where and how fast we were going every minute. This will make spectating for my husband and kids so much easier, especially in the longer races.
Love these girls! Krista, Carole and myself!

Richie,Amanda and I heading out for the group ride!

We were so fortunate to have some amazing photographers with us all week. Jay Prasuhn originally from Triathlete magazine now at the new Lava Magazine) and Elizabeth Kreutz well known Lance Armstrong photographer..) took some fantastic pictures of the team while biking, running and having fun! It's impressive watching these guys in action and they were awesome!

We also got the chance to meet Carrie from Saucony, our clothing and sneaker sponsor. The new products that they had to show us are cutting edge and I am so looking forward to their arrival. The girls of course looked stylish all week as Saucony makes a huge assortment of training and casual athletic wear. I have my favorites!

We were fortunate enough to have Robert, the scientist behind First Endurance, our nutrition sponsor. Not only a great guy but one that was happy and eager to answer all our questions for four days. He knows his stuff and I am so thrilled to have them as my weapon for success this year! Nutrition has often ailed me in Ironman and I will be working closely with Robert to figure this out. Their product range covers all your needs, from daily vitamins,training drinks and bars to recovery drinks. Their new product Optygen HP is the one that I am most looking forward to trying.

With all this excitement going on I can't forget all the special people I got to meet this week.
Two in particular...I had the greatest homestay Vicki.....everyone in Austin knows Vicki as the giving wonderful athletic superstar she is and her cute doggie Izzy who has made me want a dog really badly!

Another giving homestay who helped me immensly was Scott. He also races and took me on a bike ride that covered every hill in Austin, He went out of his way to take make sure I was fed,had transport, a place to swim and a great mechanic too.. You both made my stay extra special and I thank you!!!!

So all in all I was quite sad to leave this beautiful city. Austin has an amazing vibe. People really relish in the outdoors and healthy living. I will especially miss the run around town lake and the Whole Foods. Austin Whole foods shopping heaven!!!!!!

Amanda, Michael, Carole, Dede, Richie, Brian, Mary Beth....this shall be a great year for us!


Anonymous said...

nice to know you ~........................................

Jamie said...

I'm very jealous I didn't get to hang out with the Trakkers crew in Texas this year. Hopefully I'll be able to make the training weekend with everyone next time around!

Jacqui said...

Jamie ...we hope to see you in Knoxville...the whole team should be there and it shall be a fun weekend!