Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shoe drive for Haiti Week 1

I decided sometime last week, after watching the devastation in Haiti that I had to do my part to help. Last year when I raced in South Africa I had wanted to bring running shoes over to help the poor. The expense of shipping the shoes myself was just crazy and it was too big a project for me to handle. This year I saw that Soles4Souls had launched a Haiti relief effort where they commited sending 100 000 pairs of shoes to the victims of the earthquake. I felt compelled to do something as I know how many running shoes I have sitting in my garage that could definitely be of good use to another, and how many athletes I know in a similar situation.I also feel that offering your time to a good cause is a good lesson for parents to teach their children and after all the craziness of the holidays and the excess of gifts ,I want my children to acknowledge and understand the importance of helping those in need.

So last week at the annual Jersey Shore Triathlon Club party Kathy kindly let me announce my shoedrive.
I am happy to report that it has been a succesful week thanks to the help and support of alot of people. Miles Ahead and Brielle were my first two shoe drop off locations which makes perfect sense as I happen to love the owners and knew they would be on board helping. During the week I have made my rounds to all the places I like to go with most businesses being more than happy to help. So
Rejuice -A- nation, Green Planet(Point Pleasant), Devlin Gymnastics, The Atlantic Club and their swim team are in. I also stopped by Inlet Outlet Surf Shop in Manasquan and they were awesome! Art's Dr Liz put a box up in her office and Alicia from Smith Barney kindly printed up an email and has dropped off a bunch of shoes. Doug rice just called today to let me know that Jersey Shore Runner has about 100 pairs for me. So all is going great!!!! Keep them coming guys! AWESOME! The shoe drive will end at the Triathlon Sports Symposium on Feb 20th.

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