Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Waiting for the Sun!

Well the New Jersey weather is fantastic. I arrived home from South Africa thinking that the warm weather was finally going to be here and then we got hit with a snow storm. That seemed to clear up and then for a few days we had a heat wave! Yes, being a warm weather girl I was loving the 90 degree days we had. I think people then complained too much about how hot it was so what do we get. Nine days of rain!!!

I don't mind the rain and I know it's good for the earth but it's not the greatest to train in. My bike miles have been low though so trainer workouts are doable. Yet this time of year i should be on the road. Now I could ride in the rain but I worry that this may happen to me. So I play it safe!

Due to this irrational weather I have now developed a chest cold and I am hoping it will go soon. I am still working out and with all the buzz about swine flu I can't help but feel like everyone is cringing every time I cough. Oh well, hopefully it will go soon. My goal is too race the Columbia Triathlon next week. This is a hard course that is usually very competitive so I hope to have full strength!

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