Sunday, February 1, 2009

Understanding the nature of the beast!

People that don't know me may mistake me for being too serious!

I sometimes get the question of "Why do you always have to push on the bike? Why can't you ever stop for a coffee break? Why can't you just ride easy for once?" When I swim masters it's," Why the short rest breaks? Why do you always have to just go go go? Why can't you deviate from your training plan. Why don't you take a day off? Why don't you come do our race?"

I love to train and have fun doing it, but in order to make the most of my workout and justify the time and commitment I put into my training, I really need to focus. This often means working harder than what's comfortable. It means following a training schedule and not deviating from it!
I love to race and I get great satisfaction from making strides and knowing I am getting closer to my dream of being the most succesful triathlete that I can be.

I have a strong set of motives and I am very commited to my training plan.

In order to achieve I believe you really have to always keep your eye on your goals! You have a goal in each training session, a goal for the week, race goals,yearly performance goals. These are all things that you can work towards achieving. These keep you motivated and wanting more.

I appreciate my friends and family that understand where I am coming from and respect my commitment to my sport.


Danny Montoya said...


Judy said...

Good stuff! Glad to hear you are coming to FL - wish Clermont was closer - can't wait to read more! :-)

Andrew said...

Great post! An alternate title could be, "Getting the work done."

Linsey Corbin said...

I was totally going to write, Amen sister. Then Danny wrote the same thing. You are a beast :). I can't wait for your Spring Ironmans, I am going to live vicariously through you! xxoo linsey

Jill Costantino said...

Nice post! Inspirational!

Dee said...

Hey Jacqui! Great Blog! Hey...when are you heading to Clermont?? Im here now until the 15th, then coming back late Feb/early March... Hope we are here around the same time!!